Life Group Signups are at FBC on Sunday, August 27th at 5:30 pm. In order to be placed in a group, you or your spouse will need to be present the night of our signups. If you are unable to make it that evening, call the church office (574.295.4475) the following week and we'll get you plugged into a group.

Be sure to have more than one group in mind as an option since you may not get your first choice on the night of the signups. God knows what group you need to be in, so don't fret. He has just the right group already picked out for you!

Each Life Group will be having their own carry-in to kick off their opening night. Our goal for opening night is to have just adults present at each Life Group, so please plan in advance for any childcare needs that evening. 

Remember, Kids Club starts on Sunday, September 10th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm! Please be aware that to leave your child at the church while you attend your Life Group, a release form will need to be signed. There will be ten Life Groups offering childcare (indicated in the brochure next to participating Life Groups).