Each year, we love coming alongside local and global ministries to support them and spread the love of Christ throughout our community and the world. This year, we'll be extending support through serving, although there are also several meaningful opportunities to meet financial needs. There are many opportunities to get involved, and we're excited to see what God will do as we become more visible in our community! Scroll down to learn more about the ministries we've chosen to engage with this year, and prayerfully consider joining us in embracing this season as one to display extravagant generosity.


Learn more about this year's ministries - both local and global. 

Our total Financial Goal this year is $61,000, allocated to various ministries as described below.
All financial contributions exceeding our goal will help fund a new Junior High Cabin at Lake Ann Camp.


We'd love to answer them. Feel free to shoot us an email below or stop by the Connection Point on Sunday.