Everything you need to know about Trunk or Treat 2018 can be found right here! Why is this such a big deal here at FBC? We're glad you asked! Trunk or Treat is a service to our community - it's a safe and "non-spooky" halloween alternative for families to come and enjoy. If you've heard about us through an invitation or on social media and are planning to join us, we'd absolutely LOVE to have you! Our church is nestled just behind the treeline on County Road 17. When you pull into our drive, you'll see a big white cross and some pretty excited volunteers ready to direct you to a parking spot. We kick everything off at 5:00 pm. We hope this is a huge blessing to you and your family! 

If you attend FBC and would like to volunteer with us to make this event a success, there are tons of unique ways to get involved. Although life groups love to team together and decorate trunks, this event ISN'T limited to life groups! Anyone can participate! You can scroll down to start exploring! 


Here's a quick reminder of start times for our amazing volunteers! For more information and details, scroll down. 





SET UP | 3:00 PM






Thanks Everybody! We couldn't do it without you! 

BRING A TRUNK | You can partner with your Life Group, go solo, or get a few friends together and come up with a themed trunk. We've seen some pretty awesome ideas through the years! The more creative, the better! Decorated cars need to be set up and ready to go at 4:00 on Sunday afternoon. We also ask that you provide the candy to hand out when guests come to visit your trunk. (We had over 900 people attend last year! WOW!) If providing candy is a burden to you, please let us know! In order to plan, please inform us about your plans to bring a trunk by Sunday, October 21. (You can let us know via the online form below.) ***SPACE LIMITED; TO SIGN UP, CALL THE CHURCH AND ASK FOR CINDY THORNTON.***

If you'd rather decorate an indoor space, we will have rooms available for themed "trunks" inside the building! We have room for 8 indoor trunks. Please be set up and ready to go by 4:00 pm on Sunday

**As you dream up some amazing ideas, you'll probably want to decide whether your trunk will be an interactive trunk (think obstacle course, game, challenge, etc.) or one that only hands out candy. We've seen awesome examples of both! (One of last year's trunks had puppies! Talk about interactive!) 

BE PART OF A THEMED HALLWAY | Guests will also be filtering through our building, and we want the experience to continue as soon as they walk in our doors! If you'd like to dress up and help with a themed hallway, you can choose between the 1920's era in the Kids Town Hallway (We suggest for women: long pleated skirts and collared blouses, flapper style dresses, pearls, feathered headbands, hats and gloves. For the men, we suggest: vests, suspenders, straw boater or newsboy hats, and bowties.), and the farm at harvest time (Backyard Hallway)! We’re looking for farmers, hobos, scarecrows, farm animal costumes, etc. It doesn’t take a lot of time to come up with a flannel shirt and jeans, straw hat or bandana tied around your neck to look like you belong to this hall!  Please be here and ready to go by 4:00 pm

OUTDOOR GREETER | We need friendly faces who would like to greet and engage in conversation with visitors in the line, check out some amazing costumes coming in, and help point people in the right direction as they enter the experience. We would need you to be @ FBC and ready to go at 4:30 pm

INDOOR GREETER | If you like the sound of being a greeter, but you'd rather stay inside where it's warm and toasty, we have a spot for you inside our building where guests will be exploring indoor trunks and hallways and jumping on the inflatables! We would need you to be @ FBC and ready to go at 4:30 pm. **THIS POSITION IS COMPLETELY FILLED.** Thank you!!! 

SET UP | Trunk or Treat is one of our biggest events to pull off, and it takes an army to make sure everything goes smoothly! If you'd like to help get things ready, you can join us @ FBC at 3:00 pm

TEAR DOWN | We need willing hands to help with tear down, crowd control, emptying trash, and taking things inside as things wind down. We would need you to start helping at 7:15 pm.

PARKING | We'll need a parking crew to help direct parking of decorated cars, volunteer cars, and visitor cars as they arrive. We would need you to start at 3:00 pm

OUTSIDE INFLATABLES | The inflatables are always a highlight with the kids! We need individuals to keep the line moving and help kiddos on the slide outside. This might be the MOST fun volunteering position of them all! We would need you to be in place by 4:30 pm

AFTER PARTY SET UP | After Trunk or Treat, our church family and everyone who volunteers sticks around for some food and fellowship. We'll need some help with set up. If you'd like to help Laura Johnson with this, we would need you at 7:00 pm**THIS POSITION IS COMPLETELY FILLED.** Thank you!!! 

PROVIDE CANDY | We always need candy to have on hand to pass out! You can drop off candy @ FBC on the morning of Trunk or Treat (October 28). 

Our Children's Director, Cindy Thornton, has written a letter especially designed for Life Groups as they prepare for Trunk or Treat. You can read that below!