Each year, we love coming alongside local and global ministries to financially support them and spread the love of Christ throughout our community and the world. Scroll down to learn more about the ministries we're supporting this November & December, and prayerfully consider joining us in embracing this season as one to display extravagant generosity.



  • Faith Mission | $6,000

    To provide approximately 3,200 of the 57,000 meals needed during Thanksgiving week. Each meal costs $1.79 to feed our community's homeless and hungry. One meal also opens the door to other Rescue Mission services like job training, counseling and life-skills classes. 


  • Lifeline Ministries | $2,500

    This year, we're helping Lifeline with their annual sweatshirt drive. These donations will provide Lifeline sweatshirts to many students in our community. 


  • Ribbon of Hope | $5,000

    Cancer in and of itself is difficult. For the single parent or the unemployed patient, Christmas can be a very lonely time. Each year ROH adopts up to 20 of its neediest families to bring Christmas home for the holidays. Gifts, food and comfort items are purchased and delivered. In addition, ROH also provides comfort care packages to approximately 70 single and senior adults and supplies reading material and resources written by people of faith specifically for the cancer patient. 


  • The Refuge Church | $25,000

    Support of the church plant that Francisco Collio began 2 years ago. We have approximately 150 people from our previous Spanish Ministry attending. This will help Francisco to reduce his outside employment and be able to spend more time shepherding his people. The ultimate goal is to enable Francisco to be full-time in the ministry. 


  • South Sudan | $20,000

    To provide food to the church in South Sudan to distribute to the local people. Today, over 6 million people - half the the population - are facing extreme hunger; more than ever before. Following a power crisis which erupted in 2014, South Sudan has spiraled into a conflict which has spread across most parts of the country and has led to the death of thousands of people. Almost 4 million people have been forced to flee their homes due to this brutal war. 


  • Abraham Thomas | $20,000

    Support of a new building for Logos College in Kerala, India. The total building project is $550,000.00 and will be a five-story building that will include a library for the students, a student lounge and 12 spacious 950 sq. ft. apartments. 


  • Lake Ann Camp | $15,000

    The camp is constructing a new building, the Adventure, Recreation, Connection Center (A.R.C.). This building project is already fully funded. These funds would be used to furnish the building with equipment and furniture. This total need is $833,000.00. The entire project is over $5 million. There is a contributor who has set up a match of $5 for every $1 donated. So our contribution turns into $75,000.00!