Tips for talking to Kids about Baptism

Baptism comes after salvation and is a public declaration of something that has already taken place.

If your child wants to get baptized, make sure that they have made a faith decision to accept Christ’s gift of salvation. How much do they understand about the Gospel? Can they answer specific questions about who Jesus is and why He died? An honest salvation decision contains: 

-Belief that Jesus came and died for them and rose again for them. 

-Admission of sin and that we deserve to die

-An attitude of repentance and willingness to make the choice to turn from sin and ask for God’s forgiveness

Is a child of 4 or 5 capable of being saved? 

The answer is that there’s no right or wrong answer, as every person will be different based upon what God is doing in their heart Jesus said in John 6:44 that “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him.” 

As soon as a child is able to grasp the concept of their sin, they are ready to begin grasping the concept of God’s grace (and their need for it through the person of Jesus Christ) 

If your child has already made a commitment to Christ, explain what baptism is and what it means. 

Explain to your child that since he or she has committed to following Jesus, they need to let others know by getting baptized. Matthew 28:19-20

Baptism takes place in the water. It is a picture of what Jesus did when He took the punishment for our sins. When you go under the water, it’s a picture of Jesus’ death and burial. 

When you come out of the water, it’s a picture of Jesus rising from the dead. Romans 6:4

Getting saved and then baptized doesn’t mean you will not sin. There will be times when you make wrong choices and not please God. When this happens, you simply need to ask for forgiveness and for help the next time to make better choices. When Jesus died, He took the punishment for all of our sins past, present and future. I Peter 3:18 As parents, we often want to make things happen for our kids because we want what’s best. Salvation and Baptism are about their faith, not ours. It’s possible that your child might not be ready to take the next step of faith. That’s OK! It’s always better to wait and allow them to choose on their own than to pressure them into something they don’t understand.