It's exciting to be a part of what God is doing all around us here at FBC. If you'd like to discover a serving opportunity that uniquely fits your personality and gift set, we would like nothing more than to help you with that. We believe that as you invest in the community at FBC, you'll not only feel more connected here, but you'll also serve the Lord in meaningful, eternally-significant ways. Is there really anything better than that?  To learn more, click the button below: 


We thought you'd like to hear some personal testimonies from our volunteers.
They love serving at FBC, and here's why: 

  • "I love serving at FBC because it allows me to meet new people almost every week. This enables me to share the love of Jesus so easily. I also get to create new friendships almost on a weekly basis because so many people are willing to be a part of something bigger than themselves that God is orchestrating here at FBC." 

    Tony, Campus Host Leader

  • "Having the opportunity to look over the congregation and see hands raised and voices lifting high the name of Jesus is truly humbling. To know that such a small role plays a part in how people worship the King of kings brings absolute joy to my heart."

    Josh, Tech Team / Audio

  • "I love serving at FBC because I am fulfilling one of God's purposes for my life - to bring honor and glory to Him through the gifts He has given me. Serving helps me grow in dependence and trust in Him as I continually see how He equips me for service in ways that I am otherwise inadequate. I am also exceedingly blessed as I serve, because it gives me a front row seat to His work and how He draws people into a deeper relationship with Him through the ministry of the church. Who would want to miss out on all of that?"

    -Tara, Worship Ministry, Life Group Leadership